Webinar | Top Security Considerations when Migrating to the Cloud

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Migrating your email environment to the cloud presents cost savings and increased productivity benefits. Success for your email cloud migration project in 2017 depends on careful planning to reduce risk. You will soon encounter limitations with this transition and email encryption is one of them. With your valuable data at stake and the risk of a costly breach increasing, you don’t want to overlook this aspect of security.

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Cyber Hygiene

4 Cyber Hygiene Tips Your Employees Will be Grateful to Know This Thanksgiving

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All year, cybersecurity professionals work tirelessly to keep things humming. This Thanksgiving, while others are stuffing themselves with turkey and pumpkin pie, IT professionals will be putting in extra hours watching for continuous threats.

Cybersecurity concerns don’t stop when you leave the office. Even on vacation, employees can benefit from an IT professional’s expertise.

Here are four tips to pass on to employees to help them keep their personal systems and data safe—while protecting the sensitive business information they are privy to: Read More


A Glass-Half Full Look at Healthcare IT Security

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The healthcare industry continues to be a prime target of cyber attacks with nearly 90 percent of healthcare organizations reporting a data breach in the past two years.

One of the more troubling aspects of this upward trend is how easily someone with basic technical skills can launch an attack. The dark web teems with do-it-yourself toolkits (think malware-as-a-service) that make it easy for any ill-intended person with a small amount of technical knowledge to create and launch a malware attack. Read More

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