Protecting Your Inbox with Cyber-AI

Join Xiologix and Darktrace’s Director of Email Security, Dan Fein, for a discussion about AI-powered email security in the age of remote working.

May 27, 2020  11-12pm Pacific Time


As organizations around the world have shifted to remote working, security teams are struggling with an unprecedented amount of new email-borne attacks. From tricky impersonation attempts to domain spoofing targeting teleworkers, traditional security controls are proving outdated and unable to keep pace with a rapidly changing threat landscape.

Since 2013 you’ve known Darktrace as the world leader in Cyber-AI. Now Darktrace has created the world’s first self-defending inbox, powered by AI that understands the dynamic human behind every alias, and draws on “contextual awareness” to spot and stop novel threats.

In this webinar, discover:

• Why traditional gateway providers and native email controls fail to catch the full range of email threats

• A new approach for detecting and responding to even the most subtle signs of untrustworthy behavior in the inbox

• AI-powered email security in action: defending the inbox from a novel ‘fearware’ attack

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