Avoid Outages

The majority of the issues occurring on vSphere environments every day can be avoided. Runecast Analyzer uses information from current VMware Knowledge Base articles to proactively scan your vSphere infrastructure and discover potential issues that would cause serious problems. It collects the vSphere configuration and logs and finds combinations of conditions or log patterns that lead to issues described in a Knowledge Base articles.

Save Time

Reduce the time spent on troubleshooting, security hardening and Best Practices health-checks. Get intelligence from your logs.  Usually, it is hard to make sense of the huge amount of logs and to filter out the relevant information. Runecast Analyzer acts as a syslog server and collects the logs from your ESXi hosts and virtual machines. It parses the logs in real time and filters out the important entries. It scans for specific log patterns that indicate issues described in the VMware Knowledge Base articles. Runecast Analyzer is the only product for VMware that will discover the exact problem in the logs in real time and point you to the resolution.

Be More Secure

Runecast recommends improvements to your security using official vSphere Security Hardening Guides. All data stays on premise! VMware releases vSphere Security Hardening guide with every vSphere version, which provides an exhaustive list of security guidelines that can help you secure your vSphere environment. It uses the vSphere Security Hardening guides to automatically provide a continuous security report. This will help you ensure successful security audits.

Continuous Compliance

Regular known issue definition updates, scheduled analyses and event alerting ensure you stay compliant and protected all the time. Any Best Practice or Security Hardening check that doesn’t apply to your environment can be excluded from reports by using detailed filters. This way you can customize the list of compliance checks, based on your specific company policy.

Runecast is secure, proactive, deploys in minutes and is easy to use! Get a live demo or Start your free, no-risk, 14 day trial. 

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Get peace of mind with Runecast AnalyzerReduce the time spent on troubleshooting and worrying about outages and audits. Focus on innovation instead. Avoid outages, save time, be more securea and have continuous compliance with Runecast.

Runecast – What it is

Runecast – Software-defined Expertise for VMware vSphere based infrastructures

Runecast Analyzer Brochure

Make your environment Runcast solid! 

Runecast Analyzer Brochure 201703

Make your environment Runecast Solid.

Runecast Analyzer Business Case

A guide for business leadership on how to reduce cost and increase IT efficiency

Case Study Brigham Young University Idaho

Brigham Young University utilizes Runecast Analyzer to increase performance and mitigate outages risk. 

Case Study Indonesian Cloud

Indonesian Cloud increases efficiency and audit readiness.

Indonesian Cloud Case Study

Indonesian Cloud Increases Efficiency and Audit Readiness