Prevention is not enough

Prevention-centric security deployed at the network perimeter provides a single imperfect chance to stop a cyber attack. But what if it doesn’t even get that chance? What if an employee’s laptop gets infected at a coffee shop? They will walk the infected laptop right past the network perimeter. The truth is, all organizations have infected devices on their networks. Once the cyber attackers gain a foothold, they are free to infiltrate further, while the prevention security is blind.

Detecting currently-compromised systems

To detect cyber attacks that already bypassed the network perimeter, security professionals need automated real-time detection and reporting capabilities, ensuring that there is more than one way to stop the progression of a cyber attack. These security solutions must continuously listen, learn, remember and automatically analyze data to anticipate the cyber attackers’ next move to stop them.

Security that thinks

The Vectra X-series platform is the first to combine learning, automated analysis and prioritized reporting to instantly identify a cyber attack at any phase and describe what the cyber attacker is doing. Vectra provides multiple opportunities to stop an ongoing cyber attack. The Vectra platform recognizes a cyber attack amid the chatter of your network and anticipates its next move in real time so it can be stopped.

Detections that matter

Correlating all phases of a cyber attack over a period of time, Vectra puts the attack into context and identifies the hosts that pose the highest and most immediate risk. Vectra continuously updates this prioritization, enabling enterprise organizations to focus their time and resources more efficiently.

Vectra Security Gap

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