VMware HCI Trends

VMware HCI Trends

HCI Powered by vSAN

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) converges compute, storage and storage networking resources on industry-standard x86 servers, and uses software to abstract and pool cluster resources with unified management software. It transforms data centers by increasing agility, future-proofing infrastructure and reducing costs.

VMware vSAN 7.0

HCI converges compute and storage resources on industry-standard x86 servers and uses software to abstract and pool cluster resources with unified management software. Hyperconverged infrastructure transforms data centers by simplifying operations through automation, lowering TCO by leveraging industry standard servers and scaling incrementally.

VMware vSAN with Horizon

VMware vSAN with Horizon® delivers native storage for virtual desktops and apps. With just a few clicks, IT administrators can provision this VMware vSphere®-embedded, enterprise-ready storage solution and begin managing it with familiar VMware vCenter tools. vSAN supercharges industry-standard x86 servers, and drives to create a high- performance, low-cost datastore for desktops and apps. It gives Horizon deployments granular, elastic storage capacity that grows without forklift upgrades. vSAN is included in VMware Horizon Enterprise and Horizon Advanced Editions.

Why Hyperconverged Infrastructure is Important? | vSAN

Hyperconverged infrastructure allows you to be more responsive to your business. You can have hardware up and running in a few hours and spin up workloads in minutes. Organizations today are running three-tier architecture consisting of compute, storage, and networking and have been for many years. More information on Hyperconverged Infrastructure(HCI), powered by vSAN is available here: http://bit.ly/HCI_lp


Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies

Welcome to Hyper‐Converged Infrastructure For Dummies, your guide to catching the hyper‐convergence wave that’s sweeping through today’s data centers.

Three Compelling Reasons to Consolidate on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure combines compute, storage, storage networking, and management functions on industry-standard, x86 servers with internal storage devices (disk or flash).