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vmware vSphere High Performance Cookbook

VMware NSX

VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).By bringing the operational model of a virtual machine to your data center network, you can transform the economics of network and security operations. NSX lets you treat your physical network as a pool of transport capacity, with network and security services attached to VMs with a policy-driven approach.

VMware NSX Introduction

VMware NSX is the network virtualization platform that delivers the operational model of a VM for the network to transform data center operations and economics. – See more at: www.VMware.com/products/nsx


Introduction to VMware NSX

VMware NSX® is the network virtualization and security platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), delivering the operational model of a virtual machine for entire networks. With NSX, network functions including switching, routing, and firewalling are embedded in the hypervisor and distributed across the environment. This effectively creates a “network hypervisor” that acts as a platform for virtual networking and security services. Similar to the operational model of virtual machines, virtual networks are programmatically provisioned and managed independently of underlying hardware. NSX reproduces the entire network model in software, enabling any network topology—from simple to complex multitier networks—to be created and provisioned in seconds. Users can create multiple virtual networks with diverse requirements, leveraging a combination of the services offered via NSX to build inherently more secure environments.

Vmware Network Virtualization

New model for IT: Cloud Service Provider

Modernize Your Data Center’s DNA

Traditional security can’t keep modern data centers fully secure. Micro-segmentation offers robust protection against sophisticated threats. It builds security into the DNA of the data center, for a cost-effective, future-proof way to protect what matters.

ESG Lab Review of NSX

This ESG Lab Review looks at VMware NSX to examine how leveraging network virtualization can provide network administrators and organizations with better visibility, easier troubleshooting, and faster time to resolution for virtualized applications and workloads.Trends such as software-defined networking and new application architectures, like micro-services, impose new architectures and requirements upon enterprise networking teams and present new ways of deploying and managing networking architectures. Networking remains a critically important core component of the IT infrastructure, and few IT initiatives will leave the networking infrastructure untouched. When asked what network infrastructure capabilities would have the greatest impact on business growth, organizations’ top responses included security, application performance and availability, and improved insight into status and operations of the IT ecosystem

How Automated Security Workflows Help You Stay Above Water

As data volumes keep surging, your data center becomes more vulnerable. IT teams that rely on manual efforts at data security will struggle to keep from being submerged under a rising tide of modern cyber threats. By virtualizing your network and security services with VMware NSX, you can automate your security incident response, maintain consistent visibility over traffic flows, and reduce your exposure to risk with application-centric safeguards.

VMware’s Automate IT Solution Overview

VMware’s solutions empower IT teams to achieve the speed and agility they require through capabilities that enable the full automation, delivery, and ongoing management of networking, security, infrastructure, and application components. The result is faster, more consistent delivery of applications and services that drive competitive advantage. With a fully automated SDDC in place, organizations can take a dramatic step forward on their journey toward digital transformation through software that helps them to build exactly what they need for today and tomorrow.

VMware NSX Micro Segmentation Benchmark

Many security products do a terrific job of making promises in their marketing material – only to be found critically lacking when they are actually put into service in a customer’s real infrastructure. In the information security space, customers who are looking for the proverbial “silver bullet” are often mistaken when they believe these advertisements. The underlying purpose of our review of the VMware NSX 6.2.x network virtualization platform was to sort out the facts from the hype, in an actual “micro audit”, where we could present representative E-W/N-S threats against typical network topologies (patterns) and scientifically measure the results. As stated in our “Objectives” section, we wanted to know if NSX functionally satisfied: the NIST SP 800-126 recommendations R1-R4; the defined precepts of micro-segmentation; and, could real-world threats be prevented, when launched using actual hacking/penetration testing tools

West Bend Mutual Insurance Reduces Risk with Preventive Security Measures

As a highly regulated business, West Bend Mutual Insurance (WBMI) needed to protect its customer data and mitigate risk. Therefore, WBMI transformed its security posture selecting VMware NSX as its foundational security solution. VMware Professional Services helped WBMI achieve its timelines for NSX resulting in reduced OPEX costs.


University Modernizes its Data Centers to Meet Demands and Reduce Risk

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) has transformed security and modernized its data center. VMware NSX has been critical for UNH to reduce operating costs, secure its users, meet compliance, and better manage traffic within its SDDC environment integrating with the vRealize Suite and Log Insight.


Protecting Citizen Data with VMware NSX and Horizon in a Zero Trust Environment

Jefferson County (Jeffco) is modernizing and automating its infrastructure and is PCI compliant. Within its SDDC environment, Jeffco is developing a Zero Trust model of security. Quickly self-deploying VMware NSX for micro-segmentation and multi-tenancy, Jeffco is also protecting more of its citizen data soon through its secure user, Horizon and NSX, solution for virtual desktops.


An Introduction to the Security Advantages of Micro-Segmentation

As digital threats grow more numerous and perpetrators become more savvy, you can’t defend your network by taking the traditional, physical approach to IT security. Standard perimeter firewalls aren’t designed to protect your critical workloads once an attack makes it inside the data center, and the “firewalleverything” response for a physical networking infrastructure is both costly and cumbersome. Now that you’ve been introduced to the advantages of microsegmentation, you can see there’s a better way to defend your data. By virtualizing your networking and security functions with VMware NSX, you can utilize micro-segmentation to automatically safeguard all your VMs and protect against attacks moving laterally inside the perimeter. The result? You’re equipped to meet the urgent provisioning demands of end users, protect the data center, and even gain the flexibility to make strategic contributions to the business.

Network Security Makeover with VMware NSX

Over the past several years, high-profile data breaches have continued to exploit a legacy approach to data center network security. While methods for data center attacks vary, security breaches generally have a common element: exploit the fact that within the data center, there are little to no security controls in place. Once attackers breach the data center, they are able to move laterally from server to server spreading their malware. Traditional approaches to securing data centers have focused on strong perimeter defenses to keep threats on the outside of the network. This model is ineffective for handling today’s new and evolving threats. Data center security strategies need a makeover and VMware NSX is the answer.


VMware NSX Security and Micro Segmentation

Raj is back to tell the team all about one of VMware NSX’s top security benefit, micro segmentation!


VMware NSX for Horizon

VMware NSX for Horizon brings speed and simplicity to VDI networking. Within seconds, IT administrators can create policies that dynamically follow virtual desktops, without the need for time-consuming network provisioning. Extending security policy from the data center to the device, this joint solution provides a highly extensible platform that integrates with industry-leading security solutions.


Network Security Makeover with VMware NSX

Over the past several years, high-profile data breaches have continued to exploit a legacy approach to data center network security. While methods for data center attacks vary, security breaches generally have a common element: exploit the fact that within the data center, there are little to no security controls in place. Once attackers breach the data center, they are able to move laterally from server to server spreading their malware. Traditional approaches to securing data centers have focused on strong perimeter defenses to keep threats on the outside of the network. This model is ineffective for handling today’s new and evolving threats. Data center security strategies need a makeover and VMware NSX is the answer.


White Paper: Micro Segmentation

The software-defined data center (SDDC), while well understood architecturally, is beginning to reveal some of its benefits beyond agility, speed, and efficiency as organizations deploy and discover other areas of improvement. One critical area organizations are driving SDDC deployment from is security.When enterprises and public sector IT organizations embrace SDDC and virtualize compute, network, and storage, they automate provisioning and greatly reduce time-to-market for IT applications and services. They also streamline and de-risk infrastructure moves, adds, and changes. This new operations model has some additional benefits. Where customers build their SDDC with the automation and “baked-in” security of VMware’s NSX platform, they’ve discovered some significant security benefits – fortuitously – as many organizations are trying to move to an increasingly fine-grained network segmentation approach (e.g., Forrester Research’s Zero-Trust Network Architecture) for their data center networks in response to the increasing incidence of attackers moving freely within the enterprise data center perimeter. These approaches wrap security controls around much smaller groups of resources – often down to a small group of virtualized resources or individual VMs. Micro-segmentation has been understood to be a best practice approach from a security perspective, but difficult to apply in traditional environments. The inherent security and automation capabilities of the NSX platform are making micro-segmentation operationally feasible in the enterprise data center for the first time


Richard Sillito of WESTJET talks about their networking problems, and how he sees network virtualization as a way to solve those problems.


Exostar Uses VMware NSX for Security & Automation

By separating networking and security functions from the underlying topology, Exostar is seeing the benefits in security, automation, and application continuity that were previously unreachable without VMware NSX.


Armor Shields Cyber Threats with VMware NSX

Learn how Armor, a data security company, shields its 1400+ customers from cyber threats with VMware NSX.


IBM Using VMware NSX for the Hybrid Cloud

Hear from IBM’s Steve Currie to learn how their Global Technology Services leverage VMware NSX for the hybrid cloud.


City of Avondale Improves Security with VMware NSX

VMware NSX gives Avondale firefighters and police officers the fast bandwidth they need to serve the city. Find out how else the city is leveraging network virtualization to improve security and operations.


VMware NSX is a Game-Changer for UNM

The University of New Mexico needed improved security, micro-segmentation, and multi-tenancy, without being hardware dependent. Find out why they chose VMware NSX network virtualization.


Standardizing IT Services and Delivering Faster with VMware NSX

GWU became a broker of IT enabling its students and faculty with secure access to everything they need including desktop virtualization in labs, development platforms, kiosks, and remote access. Delivering services now in minutes, GWU uses VMware NSX for security and multi-tenancy; as well as improving scalability by automating IT integrating vRealize Automation. GWU continues to expand uses including Horizon DaaS (Desktop as a Service) leveraging NSX to provide self-service.


VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere is the leading server virtualization platform with consistent management for virtual data centers.Deliver business value from day one with powerful server virtualization, breakthrough availability, safe automated management and intelligent operational insight that adapts to your environment. Automate workload placement and resource optimization based on preset customizable templates.

Overview: VMware vSphere

Learn all about the capabilities and benefits of vSphere, and vSphere with Operations Management.


5 steps to ensure your journey to next-generation applications is a success.

Are you ready to reach the next frontier, where a software-defined approach to business accelerates your digital transformation? Want to intelligently manage your virtualization journey to achieve the performance, availability, and eciency needed to propel your business forward? Need to build and manage a platform incorporating private, public, and hybrid clouds to live long and prosper? Follow these 5 steps to ensure your journey to next generation applications is a success

What’s New: vSphere 6.5

Learn about what’s new and exciting in vSphere 6.5.


What’s New in vSphere 6.0

VMware vSphere 6 is the industry leading virtualization platform. It serves as the foundation for the software defined data center, and gives you choice as to how to build and operate your cloud environments. Learn how vSphere 6 allows you to virtualize applications with confidence, redefine availability, transform storage for virtual machines, and simplify management of your data center. For more information about vSphere 6, visit http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere


Infographic: Don’t Drive Blind in Your Data Center

vSphere with Operations Management provides better insights, so you can be a proactive IT manager.

eBook: Virtualization Essentials

eBook: Virtualization Essentials

Key Benefits of vSphere Data Protection Advanced

VMware vSphere® Data Protection™ Advanced is a backup and recovery solution with built-in backup data replication that is designed for VMware vSphere® and powered by EMC Avamar. Learn more here: http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere-data-protection-advanced/?src=SocialMedia_14Q2-VDPA-Awareness_YouTube


Data Center Virtualization and Standardization

See how data center virtualization facilitates better IT management, improves scalability, and reduces capital expense, by applying the principles of abstraction, pooling, and automation across the entire data center.


VMware vSphere Distributed Switch

VMware vSphere Distributed Switch concepts