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DataCore pioneered software-based storage virtualization. There’s no need to purchase expensive proprietary SAN hardware, because DataCore’s software-based solution runs on powerful, industry-standard Intel servers, which means it’s also easy to upgrade to more powerful hardware in the future without losing your investment in DataCore software.

No More Vendor Lock-In

Many organizations make investments in different SAN technologies over the years – but end up running those storage systems as “storage silos,” because they can’t talk to each other. DataCore SANsymphony-V can aggregate storage from your existing storage systems into a single storage pool manageable from a single point. It’s easy to migrate storage from one back-end system to another, and the Automated Storage Tiering option will even intelligently and dynamically migrate the “hottest” data blocks (those in the highest demand) to the highest-performing storage tier.

Innovative Technology Harnesses the Power of Multi-Core Processors

Multi-core processors are great to have in your virtualization hosts – but they could be greater if the processor cores didn’t have to take turns waiting for their storage requests to be fulfilled. The parallel I/O processing capabilities of SANsymphony-V can address this bottleneck, especially for systems running I/O intensive applications like databases and on-line transaction processing. In general, this results in higher VM density and fewer virtualization hosts required in the datacenter. Parallel I/O gives a stand-alone DataCore storage node a performance boost compared to traditional SANs, and when virtualized as part of a hyperconverged solution, can reduce the number of virtualization hosts by up to 80%!