Securing today’s organizations requires positioning the right people and the right solutions to cover every point of potential breach. Businesses of all sizes are looking to Security Service Providers to mitigate risk by outsourcing or augmenting security through the services of dedicated and highly credentialed security professionals.

World Class Cyber Security

Management assurance that security is augmented by or outsourced to a best-in-class security service provider capable of leveraging your existing security investments and providing complete 360-degree coverage throughout your environment.

Comprehensive Service

Comprehensive cost-effective solutions to test, log, monitor, detect, analyze, remediate, enforce, report, and respond to security incidents such as advanced persistent threats, malware, DoS attacks botnets, ransomware, inside threats, hacking, and more.

Controlled Security Expense

Flexible pay-as-you-go custom packages that make it easy to provide cyber security services and solutions for your business while augmenting and streamlining your organizations’ internal IT workload.

Security Regulation Compliance

Security product solutions to enable compliance with all major security regulations including customized reporting for HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, OT/SCADA, FERPA, and CIPA.

Local and Trusted Resources

Comfort knowing that your business security is in the hands of trusted US-based professionals head-quartered in Tualatin, Oregon serving customers throughout the western states for over 20 years.

Peace of Mind in Complex Times

Protection of your business, company assets, and employee information in this evolving and digital world using highly competent and credentialed security professionals who understand the complex and dynamic nature of today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Xiologix cybersecurity services are structured to offer custom packages to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients.  Our services scale from single-site to international multi-site networks and can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs, and goals.  Below is just a sampling of our cybersecurity service offerings.


Scheduled Security Assessments
Continuous Monitoring
Endpoint Security/Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reporting
Security Device Management

♦ Firewalls
♦ Configuration
♦ Daily Management
♦ Asset Discovery


Risk Assessments
Vulnerability Assessments
Penetration Testing
Web Application Penetration Testing
Incident Response
Security Remediation
Third Party Security Validation Audits


Email Sandboxing
Data loss prevention
Internal and External
Vulnerability Scan


Managed SIEM Service
VPN Devices
Threat Intelligence through Security Analytics
Third Party Security Validation Audits

♦ Firewalls
♦ Configuration
♦ Daily Management


End-user Security Awareness Training
Information Security and Social Media
Insider Threat
Phishing Security Testing
Domain Spoof Test
Ransomware Simulator
Phone Scams
USB Attacks

Are You Looking for a Cyber Security Agency in Oregon?

Cyber Security threats are becoming a regular part of daily operations for businesses of all sizes. It’s critical for every business to take its cyber security management seriously. At Xiologix, we are a cyber security agency in Oregon that takes pride in helping businesses of all sizes get the cyber security services they need to protect themselves against data breaches, ransomware, and more. Our computer security consultant will work closely with you to determine the best solutions to meet your needs to help protect your business from constantly changing cyber threats.

Get All the Services You Need

When you schedule a consultation with our computer security services company in Oregon, we will start with a cyber threat assessment to determine what aspects of your business are most at risk. Our experienced team will then build a world-class security service that will address those needs and give you peace of mind that your data and business have the ultimate protection against any cyber threats that come your way. We’re dedicated to high-tech cyber security management to protect businesses of all sizes. We customize solutions that meet your needs for the most reasonable prices.

Don’t Leave Your Business to Chance

Cyber threats are always out there and are rapidly changing to overcome the cyber security services already in place. When you work with our highly trained, experienced team of cyber security consultants, you will get peace of mind that we’re staying on top of the changing threats to give you a robust solution that changes and scales as cyber threats evolve. You can count on our cyber network security to keep your business safe so that you can give your customers peace of mind.