About Xiologix


Who We Are

Xiologix is headquartered in the Portland, OR area with sales and engineering offices throughout the western region.  We are a leading provider of innovative information technology (IT) solutions serving corporate and public-sector customers. We provide technology solutions – including hardware, software, and services – to help customers resolve their most complicated IT needs. Our expertise includes enterprise architecture and high availability, infrastructure optimization, security, storage and resource management, identity management, business continuity, and cloud architecture, deployment, and management.

Xiologix possesses extensive resources, while still maintaining the personal “touch” of a small company. We deliver tailored solutions directly to customers across all industries, including education, finance, government, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and transportation.

What We Do

We start by working as a trusted advisor, analyzing our customers’ needs and identifying technology enhancements that will improve their business performance. We then create tailored solutions by drawing from a combination of technology from leading suppliers, along with proprietary software and a broad-based portfolio of professional services. Finally, we deliver the solution with expert implementation and ongoing technical support to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Innovative Answers

Our combination of technology expertise, customer focus and industry knowledge allows us to provide solutions that go far beyond today’s typical IT systems, setting new standards for the future. When a retail store chain sought an answer to the chronic problem of people waiting too long in lines at their stores, it came to Xiologix. When a prominent Building Supply Company needed a more effective way to integrate the management of its inventories and property, it came to Xiologix. As customers increasingly look to technology to solve a growing range of current and future challenges, We will be there with the answers.  Xiologix has a proven track record of creating innovative technology solutions that take advantage of the best available hardware, software, and services, often in combination with proprietary software and services that are critical to the solution.

Technology Experts

Today’s IT environment is full of promising yet complex technology. Xiologix designs, delivers and implements solutions that capture the promise of technology while overcoming the complexities. Our people are trained and certified experts who know the capabilities of technology inside and out. We use this expert knowledge to identify the right hardware, software and services from leading technology suppliers, often combined with Xiologix services, to ensure that our customers receive the best solutions available for their particular situations.

Ability to Execute

Quick responsiveness. Effective solutions. Expert implementation. Outstanding results. We deliver the knowledge and tools needed to solve our customers’ challenges on a timely and cost-effective basis.

Technical Competency

Our employees are highly trained technical experts who evaluate, develop and implement solutions that are just right for the customer’s needs.

Expanded Range of Solutions

We continue to strategically expand our solutions to enhance the value we provide and to offer the best solutions the industry has to offer in this ever-evolving technology landscape.

Long-term Relationships

We foster strong and enduring relationships with our customers, which improve our ability to understand needs, provide solutions, and respond quickly.

Financial Flexibility

As a leading IT solution provider, Xiologix has the scale, strong balance sheet and financial flexibility to allow us to be a more complete and permanent solution provider. Our customers know we will be here to serve their needs over the long term..

Professional Experience

Our engineers develop custom solutions drawing on years of experience in a vast variety of industries.

Our “LEAP” methodology was developed by a team of the industry’s most talented engineers, across multiple disciplines and is backed by decades of experience building and supporting the most complex IT infrastructures. This approach ensures best practices are followed when developing a complete solution set that meets customers’ current and future business needs.


A business impact analysis provides an objective base and business case that is used to determine the appropriate investment for the optimal solution.


Our team gathers all of the appropriate environment variables about your current infrastructure. This allows us to architect a solution to extend the lifecycle of your current assets during the architecture phase.


Once our teams have learned about your business needs we take those needs to produce an architecture that matches your business goals, objectives, constraints and lifecycle to provide you the greatest ROI while reducing any up front investment.


Each solution is accompanied by optional turnkey services. This allows our customers to continue to focus on business production. As your trusted advisors Xiologix will implement your new architecture to the required business specifications with confidence.