COMPLIMENTARY – Employee Phishing Test

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Teaching your employees to recognize these and other phishing methods is an important component of your information security strategy. But no matter how well educated your workforce, eventually you’ll experience a breach from phishing — the human need for relationships and to trust others is that strong. 

phishingWould your employees know how to spot a phishing email and what to do (or not do) when they get one?  You can find out with no charge and no obligation. Contact us Today Read More

Where to Start When Choosing A Business Phone System

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fortivoiceBusinesses are always looking for new communication and collaboration solutions to improve employee productivity and support growth. A modern phone system is a good place to start.

Today’s business has the option of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and a number of virtual systems with various calling features, collaboration solutions and network integration tools wrapped in. But what do you actually need? Read More

Xiologix Employees offered First Aid, CPR and AED Training/Certification

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CPRLast week, all Xiologix employees were offered First Aid, CPR and AED training through the American Red Cross. This was a comprehensive, hands-on training experience equipping ourselves and each other with the skills necessary to recognize and respond in certain life threatening situations.

Xiologix strives to hire and retain employees who “do the right thing”. Being CPR certified and ready to help in emergencies at work and in our communities is something that our employees were eager to take part in. We are proud that we have employees who are willing to step up, take the time and recognize that there is a need for First Aid, Certified CPR and AED  training. Read More

Keep Your Workplace Safe From Cyber Attack This Summer Vacation

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sailingAhh, summer—long days, warm weather and fruity drinks—a time when people seek adventure and relaxation.

Many of your employees have likely scheduled a summer vacation. And while good for morale, it can leave your business vulnerable to cyber attack. Taking steps to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture when the office empties out is a vital part of vacation planning.  Read More

How to Win Shopper Loyalty and Influence Buying Behavior

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Retail Analytics

We’ve all seen the headlines screaming that the retail apocalypse is here, and retail stores as we know them are in their death throes.

Some of the hysteria is warranted. Competition from e-commerce is fierce.  A whopping 3,500 stores are expected to shutter their doors in the next couple months. Major retailers like JC Penney, Macy’s and  Sears are all closing stores—turning malls into ghost towns.

The challenges are real, but don’t give up on brick-and-mortar just yet.  With a change in mindset and new strategies, traditional stores can turn it around by using the very thing that gave e-commerce its swift rise—technology. Read More

docusign breach

DocuSign Data Breach Leads to Massive Phishing Attacks

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Xiologix partner KnowBe4 named the new outbreak of DocuSign Phishing Attacks as their “Scam of the Week.” Here is what KnowBe4 founder and CEO Stu Sjouwerman had to say in their latest newsletter posted earlier today, May 22.

“DocuSign has admitted they were the victim of a data breach of customer email addresses only that has led to massive phishing attacks which used the exfiltrated DocuSign information. Ouch. So here is your Scam of the Week.  Read More

Value of VAR

5 Reasons to Purchase Cybersecurity From a VAR

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The digital business model requires organizations to adopt a new approach to securing data and networks. At the same time, technology and networks are evolving, making security more complex.

One of the biggest challenges is the sheer number of security products and vendors inside an organization. According to our technology partner Fortinet, Some larger financial enterprises; for example, use products from as many as 40 or more vendors to secure their networks.

All these products — firewalls, intrusion protection systems, antivirus tools and so on — have their own management systems and generate their own alerts. Since they don’t typically integrate, these disparate products complicate security efforts even further.

The number of alerts generated by separate systems can overwhelm even the most robust security teams, with many alerts going uninvestigated.  Read More


The Ransomware Scourge – How to Protect Your Business

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Unless you’ve been completely off the grid for the past several days, you’re probably aware of the global havoc caused by the outbreak of the “WannaCry” ransomware variant. The initial outbreak was stalled by an “accidental hero” who spotted a very strange, nonsensical domain name buried in the code, checked to see if that domain name was registered anywhere, found that it wasn’t, and registered it himself to find out what would happen – thus inadvertently activating a “kill switch” that had been built into the malware. But it’s already starting to spread again, this time without the built-in kill switch.

This particular ransomware variant is different from any seen before, in that it includes some worm-like functionality that allows it to spread across a network to infect multiple machines, rather than being confined to the computer of the poor soul who clicked on the wrong thing. That makes it quite a bit more dangerous.

In my discussions with IT professionals, ransomware tends to be one of the things that worries them the most, because there is no “magic bullet” that can guarantee that you’ll never get infected with it. But there are some things that you can do to reduce the likelihood of infection, and potentially limit the damage if you do get infected:   Read More Read More

Christopher Kusek and Kevin Elder earn Dell EMC Elect Recognition!

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Dell EMC Elect is an annual recognition for people who have given back to the community of Dell EMC users by sharing their technical expertise and evangelizing to others about Dell EMC solutions and services.  There are only 157 people worldwide with this recognition and Xiologix is proud to have two amazing engineers on staff who have earned this honor. Congratulations to both Christopher and Kevin for having earned this outstanding recognition.  Read More