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Extreme Networks  delivers software-driven enterprise networking solutions that create stronger connections with customers, partners, and employees.

Future of Networking with Extreme Networks – Eric Broockman CTO Interview

Extreme Networks merged with the Data Centre/Network Switching division of Brocade, Voice Specialist Avaya and Zebra Wi-Fi to form a new $1bil Networking Juggernaut under the Extreme Networks brand, combining the product platforms and competencies of each brand under one roof.We interviewed the company’s Chief Technical and Engineering officer, Eric Broockman who was in Sydney to promote and discuss the new organisation and what it means for customers and the IT industry. Discussed are current and emerging networking trends with both Extreme’s own products and Wireless/Wired networking as a whole.4K StereoTime Index:00:25 Eric Broockman’s technical and industry background03:15 Combining the specialisations of Extreme, Brocade, Avaya and Zebra into the New Extreme Networks05:20 Campus and Data Centre Networks explained06:25 802.11ax Wi-Fi explained – Increasing density and improving reliability 09:25 Hardware versus Software in the Networking Industry and the ubiquitous ‘single pane of glass’ management concept 10:45 Free and open source software such as pfSense13:50 Virtualisation – A new concept for Enterprise Networking devices such as Switches and Access Points17:15 lowering cost and increasing adoption of upcoming Ethernet Standards such as Nbase-T20:20 Future Trends and where the Networking industry is going


Healthcare Wireless Network Optimization Key to Functionality

Source: Thinkstock By Elizabeth O'Dowd January 05, 2018 – Healthcare wireless networks re transforming as organizations continue to add solutions and tools to their health IT infrastructure. Large healthcare providers in particular face challenges when it comes to optimizing their wireless network among desperate and evolving digital tools. The number of connected medical and Internet of Things (IoT) devices on any given healthcare wireless network calls for a more advanced wireless t…

How Automated Networking Supports the Game Day Experience for NFL Fans

Imagine this: you set foot into the Minnesota Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium to watch Super Bowl LII. It’s your first time at any Super Bowl and because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you don’t want to miss a second.Whether you’re taking a bathroom break, heading over to the merchandise station or filling up on snacks and drinks, you never want to peel your eyes away from the game, so you try to log into the RedZone from your phone or access the Game Day app.But then the Wi-Fi doesn’t…