Xiologix in the Community

Xiologix Employees offered First Aid, CPR and AED Training/Certification

CPRLast week, all Xiologix employees were offered First Aid, CPR and AED training through the American Red Cross. This was a comprehensive, hands-on training experience equipping ourselves and each other with the skills necessary to recognize and respond in certain life threatening situations.

Xiologix strives to hire and retain employees who “do the right thing”. Being CPR certified and ready to help in emergencies at work and in our communities is something that our employees were eager to take part in. We are proud that we have employees who are willing to step up, take the time and recognize that there is a need for First Aid, Certified CPR and AED  training.

“I have been reviewing our safety training needs and was looking for something more hands on as an alternative to the online video training options we had used in the past.   I knew many of our staff also had previous experience with emergency first aid either in the military or from life experiences but it was time for a refresher. Who would be better to help in an emergency either at work or in our community then our service focused team who is already working to build, defend and protect our data and networks?   The Red Cross had a course set up that provided a combination online training with a short one hour hands on experience that made it a perfect fit for our busy schedules.” ~Sheryl Still, Xiologix Co-Owner and CFO

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