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Why People are Talking about Uila

Application Infrastructure Dependency Map

Uila LogoUila (pronounced wee-la) with its application-centric infrastructure monitoring and analytics identifies performance bottlenecks for business-critical services and plans workload migration strategies for private and hybrid cloud environments. Uila provides service dependency mapping, full stack correlation with one-click root cause analysis and patented deep packet inspection technology that understands over 3,000 application protocols for transactional meta data analysis. Businesses use Uila to align themselves with their IT operations team and cut time to resolution from days to minutes, keep their application at peak performance at all time and ensure end-user satisfaction to the fullest.

Like all successful software, Uila was developed to solve a market problem.  Data center architecture has evolved dramatically in recent years, enabling it to effectively run large-scale, distributed, multi-tier applications across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. To support and ultimately ensure delivery of business-critical applications and services, a distinct architecture has emerged. This complex structure involves dynamic resource sharing over a hyperconverged compute, storage and network physical infrastructure, all supported by a layer of virtualization technologies. The new, integrated approach to data center architecture offers tremendous operational and business advantages to organizations whose success is dependent upon reliable application service delivery. However, data center monitoring solutions and technology developments have not kept pace with this new wave in data center architecture. Current tools have reinforced the established silos that separate applications, virtual infrastructure, and physical infrastructure as well as the supporting IT teams within the data center. As a result, data center teams have no inter-silo visibility and are unable to efficiently connect the dots between infrastructure and application performance.  As organizations migrate to the hybrid cloud, they need to maintain their business continuity and reduce their risks involved as part of the migration with zero-downtime.

Uila has a transformational vision that addresses this problem and helps align business and IT operations goals in a single product with application visibility and correlated network, compute and storage insights.  Uila’s full stack visibility (application performance monitoring, infrastructure performance monitoring, network monitoring, storage monitoring) for virtualized data centers reduces troubleshooting time from days to minutes, enabling lean IT teams to get time back for more strategic projects. Uila helps identify blind spots in the infrastructure, and eliminate finger pointing between infrastructure and application teams with automated root cause and forensics.

Uila helps organizations strategize hybrid cloud migrations and maintain business continuity with zero-downtime. Uila helps reduce business risks and allows IT teams to focus on business accelerations vs maintenance projects. With Uila’s agent-less pre-migration assessment you know your applications and interdependencies beforehand to eliminate incomplete migrations or unplanned rollbacks. You can also identify and eliminate your infrastructure debt. Uila requires no code customization for the applications being migrated and is application agnostic and non-disruptive. Post-migration, you can continue to use Uila’s intuitive full-stack monitoring capabilities for validating business continuity and ongoing monitoring

Uila is a unique solution. Only Uila provides:

  • application to infrastructure full stack visibility with correlated analytics at millisecond precision.
  • one-click automatic identification from application issues to infrastructure root cause.
  • application discovery, dependency mapping and transaction analysis without embedded agents.

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