Agile Finance for Agile IT Webinar

How trends in IT pose challenges to traditional acquisition models and accounting methods and what to do about it

Recent trends in IT like mobile and cloud computing, and Internet of Things, are creating pressure on IT organizations to respond to the demands of the business in ever shrinking planning and implementation cycles.  In the era of agile IT, the infrastructure is only as nimble as the least agile component and that typically is the network.  The challenge of creating agile systems on legacy networks is compounded by the constraints of legacy acquisition models and accounting methods which force IT to estimate the future needs of the business in 3 to 5 year intervals.  Finance should be an enabler to creating agile IT systems that deliver the most value to the organization by ensuring the network’s capability matches the immediate needs of the business without network resources sitting idle or being overly constrained due to poor planning.  Through this webinar, learn how businesses can better equip Finance to help IT meet the demands of the New IP.

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Webinar hosted by Xiologix

Guest Presenters: brocade logoRuckus78

Greg Buchanan, Sr. Manager in Brocade’s office of the CFO
David Aden, Territory Manager for Oregon and SW Washington at Brocade