When Half the Internet Goes Down Due to a Cyber-Assault on DNS Infrastructure

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On Oct 21, 2016, yet another cyber assault happened on a large DNS provider’s infrastructure, bringing down websites and services on the east coast of the United States. While it is easy to launch these attacks, the solutions available in the market have not kept pace. FortiDDoS is the only hardware logic solution in the market today that easily distinguishes between attack traffic and legitimate traffic at high rates and keep services up during such attacks. The DDoS attack on the DNS infrastructure …

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Make the Most of your E-Rate Dollars!

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Cathy HeadshotCathy is here to help you optimize your IT infrastructure by assisting you in identifying the E-rate eligible CAT2 technical solutions best suited to meet your K-12 and Library IT needs. Eligible solutions can include access points, firewalls, switches and more.  Cathy can guide you through the maze of solutions so that you can utilize your E-Rate funds confidently.

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Back to School – Time to think about CIPA Compliance

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The new school year has started which means the topic of safe online learning is once again being discussed among school IT departments. It is a topic that can include a discussion around CIPA compliance, especially if your school is looking to participate in E-Rate. When looking for a solution to ensure your network is compliant it is worth investigating the Barracuda Web Security Gateway. CIPA is the Children’s Internet Protection Act, which is a federal law enacted by Congress in December 2000. The purpose of CIPA is to address concerns about access to obscene or harmful content over the

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Webinar: E-Rate Program Changes for FY 17

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Recorded Live on Tuesday, October 18th @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT

The federal government funds E-Rate discounts to US schools for broadband delivery. E-Rate’s critical funding and Ruckus can empower your teachers to impart life-long learning to students, preparing them for both the modern world and the future.

But how do you unlock these hidden funds? What is the process? How do you make sure you don’t miss any deadlines?

You are in luck! We have an E-Rate expert, Jim Kerr, Principal at KB & Associates LLC, joining us for an exclusive webinar to answer your toughest questions about E-Rate FY17.

E-Rate Upgrades Advance Secure, Affordable EdTech In K-12 Schools

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Technology is changing education in profound ways; and the advantages to teaching and learning of iPads in the classroom, live streaming video and cloud-based lesson plans are fast becoming clear to students and teachers alike. Unfortunately, many schools find they lack the underlying network infrastructure to support all this new technology safely, efficiently and affordably. That is, unless they take advantage of new increases in E-Rate funding and eligible technologies. Read More

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