7-Point Cybersecurity Checklist For K-12 Schools

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Now that students and teachers have settled into classrooms for another school year, it’s a good time for school districts to ensure they have the right cybersecurity platforms and tools to protect their sensitive data.

Technology isn’t just opening new opportunities for innovative learning — it’s also opening opportunities for bad actors to compromise K-12 systems and exploit valuable student and teacher data.

As teachers begin assessing their students’ knowledge, IT staff need to be conducting their own assessments — on whether the technology and processes they have in place can withstand opportunistic cyber attackers. Read More

e-rate dollars

How The Right Security Helps Optimize Your E-Rate Dollars

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Digital education technologies are reshaping how kids learn and teachers teach in K-12 classrooms, nationwide. The FCC E-Rate program was created to help K-12 schools invest in the Wi-Fi network upgrades required to take advantage of these technologies. But to fully optimize their E-Rate dollars, schools need also consider the security implications of using Wi-Fi networks to create richer, more productive learning environments. Read More

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