9-Point SMB Guide for Expanding into the Cloud

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SMB GuideIn a year, 80% of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions.

With the need to reduce IT costs while increasing flexibility and scalability, this shouldn’t come as a shock.

The rise of hybrid clouds has served to increase this adoption. Organizations can now benefit from the control and security of a private cloud hosted on their own network and enjoy the cost management and extended services that come with public clouds offered by third-parties.

However, while expanding into the cloud has become increasingly more beneficial and necessary for SMBs, it has also become more challenging.

Here are 9 factors to consider when evaluating hybrid public and private cloud solutions: Read More

vSphere High Performance Cookbook bu Kevin Elder and Christopher Kusek

New Book Release – vSphere High Performance Cookbook

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We are excited to announce the release of Kevin Elder and Christopher Kusek’s new book, vSphere High Performance Cookbook!

vSphere High Performance Cookbook bu Kevin Elder and Christopher KusekXiologix engineer, Kevin Elder, and Xiologix CTO, Christopher Kusek, have teamed up as author’s in their latest book: vSphere High Performance Cookbook!

vSphere is a mission-critical piece of software for many business. It is a complex tool, and incorrect design and deployment can create performance-related issues that can negatively affect the business. This book is focused on solving these problems as well as providing best practices and performance-enhancing techniques. This edition is fully updated to include all the new features in version 6.5 as well as the latest tools and techniques to keep vSphere performing at its best.

This book starts with interesting recipes, such as the interaction of vSphere 6.5 components with physical layers such as CPU, memory, and networking. Then we focus on DRS, resource control design, and vSphere cluster design. Next, you’ll learn about storage performance design and how it works with VMware vSphere 6.5. Moving on, you will learn about the two types of vCenter installation and the benefits of each. Lastly, the book covers performance tools that help you get the most out of your vSphere installation.

By the end of this book, you will be able to identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot operational faults and critical performance issues in vSphere 6.5. Read More

The Dark Web – Dark Side of the Internet

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We have heard of the Dark Web but what actually is it? What happens there? 

As this great graphic from CartwrightKing Solicitors explains, “The Dark Web is the hidden side of the internet. Although a public space, special access and software is required to reach its hidden depths. It also forms part of the larger Deep Web which is not indexed by search engines such as Google.”

Take a look and learn more about:

-The Structure of the Internet
-Who is on the Dark Web
-Personal Data for Sale
-A Timeline
-Facts and Figures
-What is Being Done about the Dark Web
-Ways to Stay Safe Online Read More

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