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Upgrade to Cohesity 6.8.2_u1 to Safeguard Your Environment

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Cohesity Field Notice: Severity Orange

Customer upgrade recommendation 6.8.2_u1


Cent OS reached EOL on June 30, 2024. Cohesity has migrated the baseOS from CentOS 7.9 to RHEL 7.9 starting with 6.8.2 and higher releases. Since CentOS 7.9 and RHEL 7.9 are binary compatible, transitioning from CentOS to RHEL with the 6.8.2 (latest 6.8.2_u1) release is a low-risk endeavor. This crucial upgrade guarantees your environment stays current against potential vulnerabilities while ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Customers who have not yet upgraded to 6.8.2/6.8.2_u1 face a significant risk of NOT receiving security updates or any OS-based fixes after June 30, 2024, due to CentOS EOL.

Next Steps:

To avoid potential vulnerabilities, Cohesity strongly recommends that all 6.8.1 or below customers upgrade to the latest 6.8.2_u1 LTS release based on RHEL 7.9 as soon as possible. Customers with platinum support are encouraged to work with their TAM to plan their upgrades.

As an added benefit of upgrading, the Cohesity indexing service is optimized to automatically identify and delete stale directories at regular intervals, which were created for indexing. As a result, after an upgrade to 6.8.2 and later releases, the cluster indexing service will remove any stale directories identified, which may result in cluster-free space increase.

Please note that all upgrading/patching is intended to be a self-guided activity for customers. Please engage support only if a technical issue is encountered. The following resources should be used to aid you in performing pre-upgrade checks and the upgrade.


A recorded on-demand webinar covering upgrade procedures and best practices can be accessed through the following link: https://my.cohesity.com/s/webinar

Additional Resources:

If you have additional questions, contact Xiologix or your Cohesity team.