Most organizations are looking at how to leverage cloud computing, but many small and mid-size enterprises don’t have the time or personnel to manage a cloud migration. If you already have a cloud strategy, we can help you fine-tune and implement it. If you don’t have one, we can help you create a strategy that’s driven by the needs of your business.
Get physical and virtual backups off-site and replicate VMs (virtual machines) without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure. Veeam Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to backup and replicate to the Xiologix Tier 5® Platinum rated multi-tenant/colocation data center located inside the United States.

We gathered select industry articles that may be of interest to you in your search for the best Cloud options.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


Most organizations are looking at how to leverage cloud computing, but many small and mid-size enterprises don’t have the time or personnel to manage a cloud migration. If you already have a cloud strategy, we can help you fine-tune and implement it. If you don’t have one, we can help you create a strategy that’s driven by the needs of your business.

VMware Cloud on AWS – Basic Concepts

This session covers the basic concepts of the service, including an overview of the components and connection to AWS services.


Build Your Ultimate On-Premises Cloud – Pure Storage Blog

We introduced a series of new cloud data services to enable customers to break down the cloud divide between on-premises and the public cloud. These new cloud data services are seamlessly integrated with our existing cloud data infrastructure to deliver the foundation for hybrid cloud and next generation data protection. Of course, we’re not new to the cloud game. Cloud data infrastructure to power private clouds is something we’ve been investing in from the beginning. In this blog, we will…

VMware Cloud on AWS – THE Hybrid Cloud to Run Your Enterprise Apps on!

This post was co-authored by Alex Zuo, Product ManagerVMware Cloud on AWS is the only hybrid cloud solution that allows VMware vSphere customers to modernize, protect, and scale mission-critical applications leveraging AWS, the world’s leading public cloud. With the inclusion of VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension in the base offering, we’ve made it extremely easy to migrate applications at scale to VMware Cloud on AWS. Once you are there, VMware’s enterprise-class SDDC capabilities coupled with …

Gartner: Cloud, enterprise software to drive global IT spending increase

If you have any doubts that digital transformation is top of mind for IT executives, just take a look at what they're buying. Spending on enterprise software, particularly cloud services and applications, is expected to grow faster than any other category of IT this year, fueling an overall increase in global spending on technology.That's according to a report from market research and consultancy firm Gartner, released today, that forecasts a 3.2 percent rise to $3.77 trillion in worldwide s…

10 Cloud Computing Trends That Will Define 2019

The Cloud Trends To Watch This Year The cloud has changed everything.It's dramatically changed how IT professionals go about provisioning computing infrastructure—more often these days by typing in a credit card for immediate access to resources than ordering a shipment of data center gear.It's changed how application developers approach projects, collaborate on them, and architect their software. It's changed how their operations counterparts deploy, manage and terminate those applic…

Top Trends Of Cloud Computing In 2019

Cloud computing is an obscure service now turned in multi-million dollar business in the past few decades. Now we are going to discuss top trends in cloud computing this year. Cloud is just a digital version of the warehouse. Amazon web services launched the first cloud in August 2006. Later Google followed the footstep of Amazon and launched its Google App engine in 2008. Mostly cloud computing trends began after the research of benefits and opportunities for this new platform.Since the begi…

SMB Guide to the Different Types of Cloud Services

Cloud services can enable more efficient use of resources in nearly every aspect of business, from the underlying technical infrastructure that supports the entire operation to mobile applications that make life easier for marketing.It's impossible to talk about optimizing business today without making cloud computing a big part of the conversation. This makes the cloud big business: Worldwide spend on public cloud services and infrastructure is expected to reach $266 billion in 2021, accordi…

What is a private cloud? [ And some things that it’s not ]

Private cloud is a well-defined term that government standards groups and the commercial cloud industry have pretty much agreed upon, and while some think its use is waning, recent analysis indicates that spending on private cloud is still growing at a breakneck pace.A study by IDC projects that sales from private-cloud investment hit $4.6 billion in the second quarter of 2018 alone, which is a 28.2 percent increase from the same period in 2017.So why are organizations attracted to private c…

The latest cloud-related content from our Xiologix blog.

Where Is Your Security Perimeter?

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User-Centric Security

We live and work in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. But the cloud revolution hasn’t happened the way many people expected it to happen. Instead of organizations moving everything wholesale to the cloud in a “lift and shift” approach, it’s happened just like the introduction of every other “big new thing” over the last several decades: cloud technology has ended up being layered on top of what we’re already doing. So now we have desktop apps and SaaS apps and Web apps and mobile apps and cloud apps, and apps that defy categorization. (What is Office 365? Is it a desktop app? A cloud app? A mobile app? The answer is “D. All of the above.”) Read More

Application Infrastructure Dependency Map

Why People are Talking about Uila

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Uila LogoUila (pronounced wee-la) with its application-centric infrastructure monitoring and analytics identifies performance bottlenecks for business-critical services and plans workload migration strategies for private and hybrid cloud environments. Uila provides service dependency mapping, full stack correlation with one-click root cause analysis and patented deep packet inspection technology that understands over 3,000 application protocols for transactional meta data analysis. Businesses use Uila to align themselves with their IT operations team and cut time to resolution from days to minutes, keep their application at peak performance at all time and ensure end-user satisfaction to the fullest. Read More

What Would a Mobile Workspace Look Like?

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Mobile Workspace

Well over a decade ago, at a Citrix conference, I saw an amazing video. It showed a team of people in geographically separate locations collaborating to solve a business problem, sharing access to applications and data in the process. It showed a business person leaving his office, and having his running applications seamlessly follow him to a mobile computing device in his car, then, when he got home, seamlessly follow him to the computer in his home office, all the while continuing the collaboration session with his teammates. At the time, none of this technology existed outside of developers’ imaginations (and whatever prototypes they might have been working on in their labs).

Today, not only does the technology exist, it is relatively commonplace. Telecommuters access data and applications with performance that is every bit equal to that of their colleagues in the office. Engineers work on CAD drawings remotely with no loss of performance or graphic resolution. Radiologists can view a diagnostic image on an iPad from the sidelines of their child’s soccer game. Companies have discovered the cost savings available from Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs. And it all goes back to the basic vision that work is something that you do – it is not necessarily a place where you go. Read More


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