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With Xiologix and Fortinet, your organization can be empowered with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and with the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network – today and into the future.

We gathered select articles that may be of interest to you in your Fortinet Research. Xiologix is an award winning Expert Fortinet partner and can help guide you through your organization’s security options.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


Fortinet delivers the most innovative, highest-performing network security fabric to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure.

Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Framework

We continue to see a steady stream of high profile data breaches, generally from cyberattacks deceiving and evading legacy security solutions. As these attacks become more advanced, organizations must similarly improve their security posture.Fortinet Advanced Threat Protection relies on multiple types of security technologies, products, and research applied from the network edge through to endpoint devices. To deliver the most effective protection, they are integrated to work together automatically, continuously handing off data from one to the next to identify, evaluate and respond to attacks.

Derek Manky 2018 Year In Preview

We have created a global society of universal connectivity, where individuals and organizations expect to have instant access to data and services across a variety of interconnected devices. It’s transforming our society. And it’s creating a rich vein of valuable information, goods and computing resources for our adversaries to extract, extort and exploit.

Fortinet Security Fabric Demo

This video provides a glimpse at the power of security without borders through the Fortinet Security Fabric using FortiOS 5.6 Beta 2.For a personal demonstration of the benefits of the Fortinet Security Fabric, contact Infosec Partners who are recognised by Fortinet as a leading cybersecurity agency and their first ever Partner of Excellence.By phone: +44 (0)845 2575903By email:

Undrstanding the IOT Explosion and its Impact on Enterprise Security

Enterprises and government agencies are embracing a digital transformation that is reinventing business models to better serve customers and drive new growth. The rapid adoption of new technologies and innovations is driving a global rethinking of traditional business processes and creating new ways to generate better business outcomes and quality-of-life improvements. This is being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution—a period of explosive productivity improvements driven by innovation, and the combination of technologies that unlock new business models.