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Filing for E-Rate? Let Us Help

It’s that time of year again. The federal government offers billions of dollars in E-rate discounts to US schools for in-building network infrastructure. But how do you unlock these hidden funds?

Maximize the benefits of E-rate with Ruckus’ high performing access points and centrally managed Wi-Fi platforms, including cloud-managed Wi-Fi, and Brocade switches that scale with increasing demand at a disruptively low cost. To enable digital learning, E-rate’s critical funding and Ruckus can empower your teachers to impart life-long learning to students, preparing them for both the modern world and the future.

To get started, we have outlined the 6 steps you need to take to apply and file for E-rate.

To learn more about E-rate, join us on December 8th for a live webinar, Why Choose Ruckus for E-rate Networks, to hear about our E-rate eligible solutions.

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