How Vulnerable Are You To Ransomware?

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ransomwareSecurity analysts predict an increase in both the number and size of cyberattacks in 2017. Based on the sheer scale of the recent WannaCry attacks (200,000 systems across 150 countries), testing systems for vulnerabilities is no longer a hypothetical. It’s a must. So is testing employees’ mastery of cybersecurity lessons learned from cyber threat awareness training.

The Logic in the Testing Process

A substantial contributing factor to the success of cyberattacks is organizations’ failure to test employees’ knowledge of good cyber hygiene and how to recognize and report suspicious online activity. Potentially compounding the problem is insufficient testing of security systems already in place.

Human intervention is important but often happens too late. Regular system tests using a variety of tools eliminate any potential threats before they’ve had a chance to spread. Read More

Use Security Reviews You Can Trust

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independent reviewHappy Independence Day! It’s  time to set off a few fireworks and celebrate the hard-fought rights our forefathers secured — including the all-important freedom of choice.

Sure…choosing the best security solution for your company isn’t as earth-shattering as starting a new country, but it’s one of the most important choices your company will make. Hacked data compromises customer privacy and trust — eroding confidence in your brand and  impacting profitability. The value of exploring independently validated third-party reviews as part of a thorough security evaluation process is undeniable. Read More

6 Cool Ways to Drive Conversions with Heat Maps

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retailFlip on the nightly news and you’ll likely catch a story about the latest retail giant closing stores.

Nine retailers, including Wet Seal and Limited Stores, have already declared bankruptcy in the first three months of this year. And mall darlings, such as Macy’s, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Payless ShoeSource are closing stores at an alarming pace.

The challenges to brick-and-mortar retailers in an increasingly digital business world are undeniable. Just look at the stratospheric growth of Amazon—between 2010 and 2016, Amazon’s sales in North America have grown from $16 billion to $80 billion.

But smart brick-and-mortar stores are using wi-fi technologies, such as heat maps, to convert customers and increase profits. By implementing new strategies, traditional stores can regain traction and successfully compete against the e-commerce juggernaut. Read More

COMPLIMENTARY – Employee Phishing Test

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Teaching your employees to recognize these and other phishing methods is an important component of your information security strategy. But no matter how well educated your workforce, eventually you’ll experience a breach from phishing — the human need for relationships and to trust others is that strong.

phishingWould your employees know how to spot a phishing email and what to do (or not do) when they get one?  You can find out with no charge and no obligation. Contact us TodayRead More

Where to Start When Choosing A Business Phone System

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fortivoiceBusinesses are always looking for new communication and collaboration solutions to improve employee productivity and support growth. A modern phone system is a good place to start.

Today’s business has the option of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and a number of virtual systems with various calling features, collaboration solutions and network integration tools wrapped in. But what do you actually need? Read More

Xiologix Employees offered First Aid, CPR and AED Training/Certification

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CPRLast week, all Xiologix employees were offered First Aid, CPR and AED training through the American Red Cross. This was a comprehensive, hands-on training experience equipping ourselves and each other with the skills necessary to recognize and respond in certain life threatening situations.

Xiologix strives to hire and retain employees who “do the right thing”. Being CPR certified and ready to help in emergencies at work and in our communities is something that our employees were eager to take part in. We are proud that we have employees who are willing to step up, take the time and recognize that there is a need for First Aid, Certified CPR and AED  training. Read More

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