Urgent and Critical Fix for the Citrix Vulnerability Affecting the Networks of 80,000 Companies

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Using Citrix ADC or Gateway? Please take urgent steps to protect your network.

According to Positive Technologies, an estimated 80,000 companies in 158 countries are potentially at risk and over 30,000 of those companies are here in the United States. A vulnerability in Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC), formerly known as NetScaler ADC, and Citrix Gateway, formerly known as NetScaler Gateway, has been discovered and identified as CVE-2019-19781. Citrix has not yet released a patch but the exploit can be mitigated with a global Citrix Responder Policy created on the CLI. Read More

FAQ with Miles Brinkley from Darktrace

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Miles Brinkley – Cyber Security Account Executive, Darktrace

A Darktrace FAQ with Miles Brinkley

Miles Brinkley travels extensively keeping very active engaging Cybersecurity professionals and C-Level executives in their data centers and as the headline speaker at countless cybersecurity speaking engagements.  We recently sat down with Miles and asked him to share the most frequent question he is asked about Darktrace. Read More

VMware Assessment Tool

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Hello vSphere Administrators!

Are you running vSphere 6.0? How about (Gasp!) 5.5? Or even (Gasp! Gasp!) 4.x?? Well, it’s time to upgrade! vSphere 5.5 went End of General Support on 9/19/2018 and vSphere 6.0 is going End of General Support on 3/12/2020. It’s time to move to vSphere 6.5 or, better yet, 6.7. The first step to upgrading is going to be running the vSphere Assessment Tool. The Assessment Tool is simply a program that runs on a Windows, Mac or Linux machine in your environment. The tool will collect information from vCenter then send it back to the assessment web site for analysis and reporting. This blog will walk you through running the Assessment Tool and looking at the assessment. Read More

Fortinet Platinum Partner

Tips for Finding the Right Fortinet Partner

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Have you struggled with how to go about finding the right network security partner? For as many cybersecurity services and solutions as there are out there, there are many more organizations willing to sell those cybersecurity services and solutions to you.  We have some tips to help you easily identify the best Fortinet service and solution providers for your cybersecurity needs. Read More

Mobile AP Solution – Ruckus M510 AP

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Read More

Fortinet earns TWO 2019 US SC Awards!

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Fortinet earned the Best UTM Security Solution Trust Award AND the Best Security Company Excellence Award!

Fortinet has had a well-earned great week at #rsac2019! In addition to announcing the new FortiInsight UEBA solution, it was announced that Fortinet earned the Best UTM Security Solution Trust Award AND the Best Security Company Excellence Award! These are a few of the great honors that SC Media awards each year and an invaluable service they provide in highlighting cybersecurity brands making strides in protecting our organizations, customers and data. We are excited to see Fortinet and many of our other technology partners honored with these prestigious awards. Read More

Xiologix CTO Christopher Kusek Earns 2019 VMware vExpert Designation!

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Christopher Kusel Earns VMware vExpert Designation for 11th Consecutive year!

It is official – He is in! Christopher Kusek once again earns vExpert designation for the 11th consecutive year! VMware vExperts have demonstrated significant contributions to the community and a willingness to share their expertise with others. Congratulations Christopher!  

Read the Full Announcement Here.

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